Developing Areas

Youth Unlimited staff and volunteers are constantly seeking to expand their work into new undeveloped areas of the GTA through discernment and partnership. By carefully watching and listening, programs are designed to meet the unique needs of the youth that live in the area. Currently staff are developing programs in the following areas:


Jason Persaud - Youth Unlimited in BramptonCurrently, Youth Unlimited operates a weekly arts program, “Thrive Arts” as well as a basketball program in the community. Youth Unlimited also partners with other community-based organizations in Brampton to host the annual “Day of Hope“.


YU in Etobicoke - Lakeshore SoccerIn 2014, Youth Unlimited partnered with Capstone Church to build upon its community soccer league program in south Etobicoke. Andrew Ironside leads this developing outreach. Our hope and aim is to see genuine community impact through this outreach: ongoing youth mentorship, transformed character in youth, knowing and serving our neighbours, and youth engaging life with Jesus and discovering vibrant community in local churches. Visit to learn more!

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